For security reasons we always have staff on the property and limit visitors to people we know. If you have concerns speak to Magologolo or Mlawa.


Water is scarce in Zanzibar and especially in Nungwi, where digging a well only gets you salt water. Please keep this in mind when you shower. To save water, we change bed sheets and towels every other day.
If you need to wash a few items, we can provide free water. More than that, we request that you have laundry done by our staff at 500 TSH per item.

Our roofs are flammable!! Do not smoke in the rooms and always pay attention to where you flick your ashes. Please be extremely careful using lanterns during power outages.


We also have a big dog named Kompis, who helps keep strangers out. He is tied during the day and runs free at night. He is full of energy, so use caution when dealing with him.


You are responsible for keeping your own keys and keeping your room locked. The replacement fee for lost keys is 70,000 TSH.


We do not offer money exchange services and kindly request that you change money on the beach and settle your bill in Tanzanian currency.